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Captain Samuel Scholey
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A short biography extracted again from "A Pioneer Schooley Family" about a descendant of the pioneers who made his mark on the history of America

MILITARY RECORD OF CAPTAIN SAMUEL SCHOOLEY Some Military necessities about the year 1772 arose, which required the attention of Samuel Schooley, Aaron Hankinson and others. Hankin-son, about 1765, came up from Lower Hunterdon County and became "Captain of Upper Hardwick,"with his home at, or near Stillwater. Their activities were associated with the Block Houses built for defence along "the frontiers in the three river Townships from Water Gap, to Carpenters Point, for protection against the Indians.

When the War of the Revolution came on, and in New Jersey preparations were being made for recruiting and equipping armies, the Militia experiences which Samuel had in the organizations engaged at times along the frontier, brought him offers of place in the new estab-lishments of the Militia.

Though he had the responsibilities of a large family, he enlisted in June, 1776, for five months, but served six months with the State troops.

He was in four important battles in that term. He was Ensign in Captain Bond’s Company, and was promoted to Second Lieutenant in Nov. 28th, 1776. In May, 1777, he was a First Lieutenant in Col. Thompson’s First Sussex Regiment, in the Continental Army.

In the "Fall of 1778," Samuel was a Captain in the Sussex County Militia, First Regiment, under Major Bescherer, and Col. Jacob West.The following is a verbatim copy of a certificate issued by the Adjutant General, New Jersey:


It is certified that the records of this office show that, SAMUEL SCHOOLEY, was in commission as Ensign, Sussex County, New Jersey, Militia; Residence, Greenwich, Sussex Co., N. J. Commissioned Ensign, Captain William Bond’s Company, Col. Ephriam Martin’s Battalion, Brigadier General Na-thaniel Heard’s Brigade, New Jersey State Troups, June 24th, 1776, five months serv-ice; Assigned to Major General Nathaniel Green’s Division, Continental Army, on Long Island, New York,

Aug. 27, 1776; At battles of Long Island, New York, Aug. 27, 1776; and White Plains, New York, Oct. 28, 1776; Appointed Second Lieutenant, Fourth Battalion, New Jersey Continental Line, Col. Ephriam Martin, and received warrant for recruiting,

November 16, 1776; Commission declined; Second Lieutenant, First Regiment, Sussex County, New Jersey Militia, date unknown. First Lieutenant, Cap-tain Andrew Malick’s (First) Company, First Regiment, Sussex County, New Jersey Militia, Colonel Mark Thompson Commanding,

May 24, 1776. Final Record unknown during the Revolutionary Wark.


Captain Samuel Schooley was mentioned as such by a soldier of that war, Cornelius Van Fleet, in Oct. 1832, when he was a resident of Washington Township, Lycoming County, Pennsa., whence he came from New Jersey, in his application to the United States for a soldier’s pension. He stated his services in that war were under Captain Samuel Schooley, Captain John Tenbrook, and others during the years 1776-1778.

A far more detailed biography is available in "A Pioneer Schooley Family" which can be found in the page headed "Scholey and Schooley Trees"



The Picture is of the British retreat from Lexington which I thought would please my American friends ! However if anyone has a portrait of Captain Scholey I will happily lodge it here

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