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This contains some of the background to the family of John Scholey a Leeds butcher who became a Mayor in Australia. the Tree can be found on the page headed Scholey and Schooley  Trees

John Scholey

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John Scholey (15 September 1840, Leeds. Yorkshire - 14 April 1908 Mayfield House, near Newcastle, New South Wales ) was an extensive landed proprietor, prominent businessman, colliery owner, and Mayor, In 1900 he was listed as a Justiceof the Peace and member of the Newcastle Land Board, a division of the New South Wales Justice Department.



John was the son of a Leeds businessman, Stephen Scholey (1815-1878) who entered the service of the Colonial Office in New South Wales where he was entrusted by Imperial Letters Patent as Warden for local government in the Maitland , New Souith Wales district. He thereafter became President of the District Council, and was later a Member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly for East Maitland, dying in office. Stephen, with his brother and sister, inherited a Leeds estate from their father which included a major part of the township of Holbeck (now a suburb of Leeds), (see Will at the Borthwick Institute York Ref:IR26/1401/PFF3467).[


New South Wales

John appears in the 1851 Census Return at 27 Trafalgar Street, Leeds, Yorkshire, aged 11, with his parents and his sister Mary Ann. However by the time of his marriage to Anne, née Greaves (1845-1931), on 16 January 1865, at Christ Church Anglican Cathedral, Newcastle, New South Wales, the cathedral register states that he was now resident in that parish. His father was a witness at the ceremony. In The Official Post Office Country Directory & Gazetteer of New South Wales for 1878-79 he is listed thus: "Scholey, John, Hunter Street, Newcastle" (p.423) and this listing is identical in the same directory for 1882 (p.338). On his daughter Jessie's birth certificate in February 1883, John Scholey stated that he now resided at Hamilton, a garden suburb of Newcastle.


Business interests

On his daughter Agnes's birth certificate (1888) he is described as "Landowner". He had become an extensive land speculator, and diversified his business interests very widely. John Scholey eventually bought up much of the Newcastle district known as North Waratah, subdividing it as the city environs grew, and renaming it Mayfield after one of his daughters. Other streets in the suburb still bear his surname, and some of his daughter's Christian names: Clara, Ada, Dora, etc.

He sold at a handsome profit the land at Mayfield, bordering the Hunter river which unil recently housed much of the BHP steelworks (now demolished)and other huge heavy industries. He was also founder of the Richmond Main Colliery on the South Maitland Coalfields following coal exploration on his extensive landholdings in that district. His syndicate eventually sold their majority shareholding to J & A Brown and Abermain-Seaham Collieries Ltd. The main shaft was named the Scholey shaft and at one time this colliery produced the largest daily tonnage in the State, as well as providing all the electricity requirements for nearby Kurri Kurri and other townships.


Civic positions

John Scholey, as thrice elected Mayor of the Municipality of Waratah, New South Wales received an official invitation to the New South Wales Government's State Banquet held in Sydney on Thursday 26th January 1888 to commemorate the first 100 years of settlement in the colony. The Earl of Caernavon and Lord Carrington were present along with a host of other well-known dignataries.

A practising Christian, he was lay representative for Waratah to the 122nd Church of England Synod held at Newcastle in May 1900; he was Diocesan Warden for Newcastle's Christ Church Cathedral, a member of the Newcastle Diocesan Council, and also a member of the Diocesand Church Property Committee. (see The Diocese of Newcastle by Professor A.P.Elkin, Sydney, 1955). He was the sole surviving Executor of the Will of his father-in-law, William Greaves, another Newcastle businessman, when he signed the declaration that all affairs to do with that estate were now complete, 18th May, 1907.



A full report of John Scholey's funeral appeared in the Newcastle Morning Herald, on Thursday 16 April, 1908: It names a many of the most prominent attendees and states that over 200 telegrams of condolence were received. He was buried in the Church of England division of Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle. In his Will (proved 8 October 1908) he bequeathed his entire estate to his wife, by whom he had seven daughters, six of whom survived him. His daughter Clara married Robert, son ofCharles Upfold, the managing director of the Sydney Soap and Candle Company, the largest such concern in the Southern Hemisphere His youngest daughter, Agnes, died a spinster in 1972.

His splendid sandstone mansion Mayfield House is now a shadow of its former glory, an old people's home owned by the Baptist Church its once magnificent gardens being built upon.

John Scholey was described on his daughter's marriage certificates in 1898 (Ada, and Clara), and upon his death certificate, as a "gentleman".

The Scholey and Upfold Family Papers of Mrs Marion Faulkner


During the early part of 2001, negotiations began with Mrs Marion Faulkner and her family for the deposit of her significant collection of papers, photographs and artefacts of the Scholey and Upfold families with the University of Newcastle's ARBSC (now Cultural Collections) Unit.

The Scholey and Upfold families are closely connected with the early agricultural and industrial pioneering history of the Hunter Region, especially locally in the suburbs of Warratah and Mayfield. Charles Upfold (1834-1919), for instance, is reponsible for the establishment of the Sydney Soap and Candle Company Ltd North Waratah works (once located in what is now Mayfield East), and along with John Scholey, had various agricultural, smelting, coalmining and mineral interests in the wider Hunter Region.The earliest item dates from 1827, and the collection spans most of the 19th and early twentieth centuries forming an interesting and intimate look at the business interests of pioneering families of the Hunter Region.

Such a collection is of enormous research interest and we must thank the efforts of Mrs Marj Cramp of the Newcastle & Hunter District Historical Society who initiated and arranged meetings with the family representatives, Mrs Margaret Burns, Mrs Margaret Faulkner and Mrs Barbara Sharpe (nee Upfold). Marion Faulkner is the daughter of Clara Scholey, who in turn was a daughter of John and Ann Scholey.

John Scholey was born in Leeds, England on the 15th September 1840 and was the only son of Stephen Scholey. (He was also born in Leeds, Yorkshire, on 22nd January 1815, married Ann Spink and served as M.L.A. for East Maitland and Warden of the Maitland District Council. He died on the 13th May 1878 aged 63 years). John arrived in Sydney New South Wales on 14th March 1854, presumably with his family, and spent his early years in Maitland.

After a trip to England in 1860 (he returned and began a business in Newcastle in 1862.

He married Anne Greaves (1845 - 1931) on the 16th January 1865 and had a family of seven daughters, Ann Greaves (1866 - 1869), Clara (1868 - 1945), Susan (1870 - 1945), Ada May (1874 - ?), Agnes Eliza (1889 - 1972), Dora Spink (1880 - 1962) and Jessie Greaves (1883 - 1921).

He followed in his father's footsteps as a butcher, but later became a land speculator and successful businessman. He acquired much property in the Newcastle and Maitland districts, and was proprietor of the Richmond Vale Colliery Estate at Kurri Kurri, and responsible for the syndicate which sunk the Colliery there in 1890.

He served as alderman of Waratah Municipal Council for some years and was thrice elected Mayor beginning in 1883. He was Guarantor of the Waratah School of Arts and was responsible for the establishment of the Newcastle Gas Works in Waratah. He was also a member of the Newcastle Land Board and Director of the Newcastle & County Building Society.

John Scholey founded the Newcastle suburb of Mayfield, which he had subdivided from his property and named it after his young daughter May. He was active in the Anglican Church being Church Warden of St Andrews, Mayfield, as well as Diocesan Warden of Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle, a member of the Church Property Committee and Diocesan Council and Lay Representative of the Synod. He died in Mayfield on the 14th April 1908 aged 67 years and was buried in the Anglican Cemetery in Sandgate. Present at the funeral was his old friend Charles Upfold.

Charles Upfold, pioneer manufacturer, was born in Walworth, Surry on the 15th December 1834, and began his apprenticeship at 14 years of age as a soap and candle maker in the employ of John Knight's Factory at Wapping. He arrived in Australia in July 1860 and worked in the Apollo Soap Company in Victoria before coming to Newcastle in 1863. On the 4th July 1864 he married Sarah Ann Temperance Blundell at St Mary's Church West Maitland, and together they had ten children. He began a soap making business in Wickham, which soon expanded to three factories trading under the name of the Great Northern Soap and Candle Factory. He eventually built a larger works, utilising the latest technology of the times, in North Waratah (now Mayfield East). This was known as the Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited. His other interests included two ships, a copper smelting works and property known as the "Orange Grove" at Raymond Terrace, where he planted vineyards and citrus trees and devised chemical sprays for combating plant diseases and insect pests . He was awarded an Order of Merit award from the Department of Agriculture in 1891. Charles left Raymond Terrace in 1905, leaving his son Robert Upfold to continue the family business, but unfortunately he died in 1910. The company was then sold to Messrs. Kitchen & Sons. Charles Upfold died on the 14th March 1919 aged 84 at Chatswood. [Many thanks to Mrs Barbara Sharp, whose historical research on the Upfold family was used in the preparation of this piece].

Mrs Anne Scholey, widow of John Scholey died on the 24th March 1931 aged 85. A major part of her estate went to her surviving daughters, Agnes Eliza Scholey, Clara Upfold, May Ellis, Susie Ritchie and Dora Bragg. Other beneficiaries included the Trustees of the St Andrew's Church of England Mayfield, The Church of England Hostel for Girls Darby Street Newcastle, St Nicholas' Church of England Mayfield, St Michael's Church of England Mayfield and her former employee Mrs Southon of Mayfield East.

The papers arrived in May and completely accessioned in June. The shelf listing below contains shelf numbers and descriptions of the items in the collection. Where the item has been scanned or digitised, a clickable thumbnail image is provided to allow access to the larger image. We sincerely thank the family representatives who have given their permission to digitally reproduce selected items from the collection for our researchers. I hope you enjoy our presentation.

Gionni di Gravio
June 2001



Finding Aid for the Scholey- Upfold Family Papers

A7766(i) Newsclipping book including clippings relating to Waratah Municipal Council, original Mayfield land sale, Death of Stephen Scholey, St Alphonsus, Maitland District Council, Maitland Hospital and E.C. Close, Waratah Flower Show, Lord Carrington’s Visit, Jesse Ireland, Four Mayors of New South Wales including J. Scholey and G.W. Webb. June 1867 – February 1888


A7766(ii) Newsclipping book (given to Marion Scholey Faulkner by Agnes Scholey) including clippings, plans and documents relating to land sales, company balance sheets and reports, Victoria Theatre, Waratah, coal mining interests, Maitland, William Arnott, Cathedral cemetery, Bishops. June 1898 – March 1908.

A7767(i) Wages book containing articles and memoranda relating to Sydney Soap and Candle Works Newcastle and Sydney, soap plants and the manufacture of soap and lubricant products. June 1886 – November 1895.

A7767(ii) [Handwritten bound manuscript] Report on the Western Mineral Estate of Mr John Scholey Esq. Parishes of Cessnock and Ellalong County of Northumberland N.S.W. by Rich Thomas M.E. 2nd February 1904 .

A7767(iii) [Handwritten bound manuscript] Report on the Eastern Mineral Estate of Mr John Scholey Esq. Parishes of Stanford, Cessnock and Mulbring County of Northumberland N.S.W. by Rich Thomas M.E. 2nd February 1904 .

A7767(iv) R.W. Upfold’s copy of The Geology of the Hunter River Coal Measures, New South Wales with Maps, Plates and Sections by T.W. Edgeworth David. Part 1. General Geology, and the Development of the Greta Coal Measures. Sydney: W.A. Gullick, Government Printer, 1907.

A7767(v) J.Scholey’s copy of The Geology of the Hunter River Coal Measures, New South Wales with Maps, Plates and Sections by T.W. Edgeworth David. Part 1. General Geology, and the Development of the Greta Coal Measures. Sydney: W.A. Gullick, Government Printer, 1907.

A7768(i) Scrap album containing newsclippings and notes c.1878 – 1967 relating to St Andrews Church Mayfield, Christchurch Cathedral, Mayfield Fire Station, John Scholey’s Funeral, Proposed Steelworks site, heraldry; photographs of St Andrews Church Waratah (Mayfield) c.1895, house in North Waratah (now Mayfield), Anne Spink who married Stephen Scholey, Anne and John Scholey; Invitation cards for functions and banquets for J. Scholey ca.1888.


A7768(xii) Photograph of Susie Ritchie (Scholey) and two children, Florence and [?] with family home in background. [c.1890s]

Dying man’s advice to family dated Monday 19th March 1827.

Stephen Scholey, Wolbeck to John Scholey, Holbeck, Leeds, dated 20th June 1828.


[Wm?] Spink, Chapel Town, Leeds to cousin Stephen Scholey, East Maitland NSW dated 10th March 1838.

Letter from John Spink, Leeds to his brother and sister, dated 15th February 1855.

Letter from [?], Holbeck to brother and sister [Mathew, Mary Mols?] Church Street Dobson Yard Holbeck, dated 9th November 1856.

Letter from Henry Child, Leeds to brother, sister, nephew and niece, dated 18th January 1860.

Letter from [? Wallace] East Maitland to John [?] dated January 13th 1860.

Letter from Henry Child, No. 8 Darby Street North Street Leeds, to Brother dated 22nd January 1860.

Note recording the purchase of 600 head of cattle at Northumberland Hotel Maitland by James N. Brunker and Stephen Scholey 13th December 1861.

Letter from Henry Child, Leeds to Brother dated 18th April 1862.

Letter from John Spink to his sister Ann, dated July [11th _5?] and envelop addressed to "Mr Stephen Scholey Cattle Dealer East Maitland New South Wales Australia", post marked "Leeds 17 Dec 66" and "Sydney Feb 15 1867".

Plan of Allotments of Land Known as the Market Square in the City of Newcastle N.S.W. D.T. Bishop Auchioneer. Day of Sale 26th July 1869.

Letter from John Spink to his sister Mrs Ann Scholey, East Maitland, New South Wales, dated [24th] April 1882.

Letter from A. Maude [Soulsby] to John Scholey dated 31st July 1895.

[Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited.] Receipt of Mr J.R. Bennie "Bought of Townson & Mercer, Manufacturers of Chemical & Scientific Apparatus", dated 15th August 1895.

[Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited] Chemical recipe for production of Match Heads dated May 21st 1897.

Letter from Wm Spink to cousin dated 1st November 1899.

Calling card of Mr W.E. North Smith to John Scholey Esq. Mayfield, Waratah New South Wales, Australia, postmarked December 7th 1899.

Letter card from Tasmania from Sara E. Wertheimer to R. Upfold Esq. Soap Works Waratah N.S. Wales.

[Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited.] Letter [draft?] from [R.W.U.], Waratah, to father, dated 25th November 1908.

Letter from John Spink to sister [Ann Scholey] [undated].

Sydney Soap and Candle Company Limited. Two recipes for soap scents "Australian Bouquet" and "Pears" [undated].

A7769(v) Scholey Family Photographs 1878 - 1964:

May Scholey [n.d.] C. Leibinger Photographic Artist Newcastle N.S.W.

Mrs [Frances Spink Searby] Beckett & Willis Photos. Scarboro.

Woman [unidentified] Albert Lomer Artist Photographer Queen Street Brisbane.

[Sir F. Raulis] Sydney & Melbourne Photographic Company (Late Freeman Bros.) Sydney.

William Spink. Inskip Photo Scarboro & Sheffield.


Diary of John Scholey 1860 to 1866 assorted pages

A7770(vi) [Manuscript] Diary of Mary Spink, 1830.

A7770(vii) [Artefact] Two prints on parchment:

Sydney Total Abstinence Benefit Society Established Jan 4th 1841



Australian Total Abstinence Society Established September 1st 1838, which reads: "I agree to abstain from all intoxicating Drinks Except taken as Medicine or at the Sacrament."


Located in Rare Book Serials Cabinet

Three journals owned by "Clara Upfold, Mayfield" and relating to Federation:

Sydney Mail Jan 1st 1901 Commonwealth Number

Souvenir of the Inauguration of the Australian Commonwealth

The Town and Country Journal January 5th 1901 Commonwealth Number.

Supplementary Upfold Family papers donated by Mrs Barbara Sharp 1st June 2001

A7770(viii) Papers relating to Upfold Family history research including information on Crebert and Blundell families with original copy of "How Soap is Made" Published by Sydney Soap and Candle Co. Ltd Works: Waratah, Newcastle [n.d.] and original "Torondale" Ladies’ School report card of Miss Linda Upfold for Quarter ending 31st December 1915.

A7770(ix) File containing recipes for making soaps, face creams and floor polish (ca.1932); photocopies relating to Sydney Soap and Candle Company Ltd and Mr Chas. Upfold; Original Specification of Charles Upfold, of Newcastle, in the Colony of New South Wales, Soap Manufacturer, for his invention intituled: "An improved Composition to be used for the Destruction of Noxious Insects and the prevention and cure of Blight and such like Diseases that attack Fruit and other Trees". Dated 21st August 1889; Memo from Walter C. Green of Allandale Vineyards, Allandale, Hunter River. Dated 21st April 1894.

Addenda June 2001

A7770 (x) Photograph of Waterloo Brickyards, Thornton, New South Wales.

Two items
[Thankyou to Margaret Burns for allowing us to scan and digitally reproduce these two related items from her collection.]

Item 1. Rare image of Ada May Ellis (nee Scholey) [ca. 1910]


The photographs referred to can be seen at

Scholey & Schooley